The Honorary Consul supports the territories of his competence with a team of professionals that have a growing passion for Georgia, Georgian people and traditions.

Silvio Piccinelli


Silvio Piccinelli was born in Milan in 1983 from a historical family of landowners, scientists and entrepreneurs. He started and completed his scholastic instruction at the Istituto Zaccaria dei Padri Barnabiti, where he developed a passion both for scientific and humanistic subjects. This ambivalence will distinguish him throughout his professional career.

Silvio Piccinelli graduated in Law and Business Administration at Bocconi University. His passion for history, art, architecture and several travels in the most suggestive places in Italy and abroad – together with an always present personal interest – brought him to work in the construction field. He specialized in the architectural and monumental restoration of historic buildings, starting during his university years with the restoration of some historical palaces of his family. From this experience, he founded a company specialized in the preservation and improvement of the historic and monumental real estate heritage, with the use of modern technologies and plant engineering solutions to maximize its comfort and accessibility.

Silvio Piccinelli is a member of the Pia Fondazione conte Piero Piccinelli di Scanzorosciate, a Christian assistance organization in the Diocese of Bergamo. He is also Knight of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Federica Cirri


Federica Cirri was born and raised in Florence. After her high school studies in music and foreign languages, she spent some years in London and Barcelona, where she graduated with merit in Interior Design. She has lived in New York, Madrid and Milan, where she gained experience in fashion, design and communication.

She came back to Florence and attended a Master about cultural events organization, developing a great passion for art. Federica Cirri is currently director of Aria Art Gallery, an emerging gallery which she transformed in an important centre for contemporary art and location for many interdisciplinary events. She is an independent and versatile figure, a reference point in the Florence entourage. Ms. Cirri organizes a wide range of events and activities; she works as an interior design advisor and as art advisor for private collectors.

Federica Cirri is also an Italian Red Cross volunteer and takes part in several activities organized by the IRC in Tuscany.

Joska Biondelli di Piacenza


Joska Biondelli holds a Master in Economics of the International Institutions at the Bocconi University and a Master in History of International Relations at the London School of Economics. After working for many years as a Head Hunter in London, he came back to Italy where he currently produces and trades Franciacorta DOCG wines. Joska Biondelli is also a Counselor at the Franciacorta Consortium and Vice President of the Association Strada del Franciacorta.

Clementina Berdini


Clementina Berdini lives and works in Pesaro. After graduating in Pharmacy at the University of Camerino in 2000, she continued her scientific studies and got a Master in Phytotherapy at the University of Siena and a Master on Traditional and Clinic Galenic at the University of Camerino; she published several scientific issues in specialist journals.

In 2007 Clementina Berdini started her collaboration with Princess Khétévane Bagration de Moukhrani, then Georgian Ambassador to the Holy See. On that occasion, Dr. Berdini organized a 1-ton humanitarian load of medical supplies which was sent to Tbilisi in the help of Georgian displaced persons. In the same year, together with Dr. Maria Franco and Dr. Cristina Rossi, she founded the Association Amici dello Scudo di San Giorgio Onlus which promotes several initiatives in favor of displaced persons in Georgia, including two charity concerts at the Teatro Rossini in Pesaro and a concert at the Teatro dell’Aquila in Fermo.

For more than a decade Clementina Berdini has been a member of the Cultural Association «Le Cento Città», which promotes the artistic and environmental heritage in the Marche region. Dr. Berdini spends her free time following her passion for sailing and ecology of her territory.