Georgia has been named as Travel Lemming‘s top emerging destination on the planet for 2020 and number one overall in Europe.

The website promoting emerging travel destinations around the world, unveiled the selection this morning.

A view on the valley that marks as a natural separation between Guria and Adjara provinces through the town. Photo: Nino Alavidze/​​​​

Having received the #1 Judges Choice Award, Georgia is described as “possibly the world’s greatest hidden travel gem” in “the stunning Caucasus mountains”.

“It’s hard to think of a country that more underrated as a travel destination. I especially think Georgia has all the ingredients to become a thriving hub for digital nomads in the 2020s”, Travel Lemming CEO Nate Hake said.

“Fast WiFi, affordable housing, easy visas, and nomad-friendly programs like work from Georgia make the country an excellent destination for those who work online and travel”, Hake added.

The winners of the Emerging Destination Awards were selected by world’s 30 popular travel bloggers.

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